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        Akai’s MPC Live II has built-in monitors for true standalone music-making

        A new and improved Akai MPC Live has been on our radar since we saw a leaked design image back in March, and now it’s here.

        As we suspected the MPC Live II is very much an evolution of its predecessor. Like its predecessor, it can be used with or without a computer, and comes with a 7-inch multi-gesture touchscreen. It promises all the features that you need to create a piece of music from start to finish.

        MPC Live II adds five hardware buttons for a better editing workflow, and now comes with built-in speakers. It sounds like these are more than just an afterthought, too: Akai says that it’s a proper monitoring system that delivers dynamic response across the frequency range.

        On the connectivity side, there are now eight CV/Gate outputs, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery, meanwhile, is said to provide power for up to five hours.

        Image 1 of 4

        Akai MPC Live II

        (Image credit: Akai Pro)
        Image 2 of 4

        Akai MPC Live II

        (Image credit: Akai Pro)
        Image 3 of 4

        Akai MPC Live II

        (Image credit: Akai Pro)
        Image 4 of 4

        Akai MPC Live II

        (Image credit: Akai Pro)

        MPC Live II runs the MPC 2.8 software, which enables you to control a studio’s worth of MIDI gear from your MPC hardware, with or without a computer. It ships with a 16GB library and provides direct access to your Splice account, provided you’re connected via WiFi.

        MPC Live II is available now priced at £1,040. Find out more on the Akai Pro website.

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