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        Drake’s exclusive new B?sendorfer piano is the real star of the Toosie Slide video

        Drake's B?sendorfer piano
        (Image credit: B?sendorfer)

        There are various things that most people consider when buying a piano - how much to spend and whether to go analogue or digital, for example - but Drake definitely isn’t most people.

        So, when he decided to get himself a new ‘joanna’ for his Toronto mansion, he enlisted the help of architect Ferris Rafauli and Japanese designer Takashi Murakami, who came up with a special edition B?sendorfer Concert Grand 280VC that definitely qualifies as a ‘statement piece’.

        The piano appears in the video for Toosie Slide, Drake’s viral TikTok hit, and features a leitmotif of skulls on the underside of the lid. This design also appears on the piano’s leg, while the sharps and flats on the keyboard adopt the same colour scheme.

        Just three of the pianos were made, and all three are signed by Takashi Murakami. Drake’s model has Disklavier Enspire technology, which allows for playback of pieces from the B?sendorfer Library and the option to record, edit and hear his own playing.

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        On the downside, Drake might struggle to fit his piano into his house if he’s ever forced to downsize, but the way his career is going right now, we doubt that’s going to be a problem any time soon.

        Find out more on the B?sendorfer website.

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