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        Guitarist Of The Year winner releases debut solo EP and song playthroughs

        Quebec guitarist Gabriel Cyr wowed us back in 2018 when he won our Guitarist Of The Year final in London. With a CV that includes a jazz fusion quintet, progressive rock outfit Universe Effects, session playing and guitar teaching, we're delighted to see him now branch out alone with his first solo EP.

        Spectrum Exploration I is a four song instrumental EP that effortlessly blends Gabriel's jazz fusion and rock influences, including Pat Metheny, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Nick Johnston.

        The stunning debut showcases his melodic and ethereal approach to progressive instrumental guitar.

        Guitarist Of The Year

        Gabriel has filmed two playthroughs for the atmospheric opening track Dark Times and the stunning Haters that you can watch above.

        Spectrum Exploration I is available through all major streaming platforms here, and if you like what you hear, you can support Gabriel by purchasing it at Bandcampcom.

        For more info on Gabriel head over to gabrielcyrguitarist.com