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        Native Instruments gets vocal in new Pharlight Kontakt-based synth

        Designed by the same people that brought you previous instrument Straylight, Pharlight is a new Kontakt-based synth from Native Instruments that uses the human voice to create leads, pads, textures and more.

        Pharlight’s beating heart is its bespoke sample library. Created by 15 artists and sound designers, this promises to bring out the best of the instrument’s granular and sampling engine. There’s also a modulation/effect section.

        The library contains contributions from beatboxers, vocalists and choral singers - as well as a few made-up words - leaving you with 319 sound sources and 375 presets. As well as the cinematic textures, you also get a selection of melodic, fast-attack sounds that can be used for hooks and the like.

        Pharlight runs in both the full version of Kontakt 6 and the free Kontakt 6 Player. It’s available now for the introductory price of £129 (regular price £179). 

        Find out more on the Native Instruments website.

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